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How to Have Incredible Conversations with your Child (co-authored with Bettina Hohnen) is her latest book. Using an innovative format, it invites parents and children to use the book together in a shared experience, and so strengthen their communication skills and relationship.


Jane’s first book for parents and teachers (with co-authors Bettina Hohnen and Tara Murphy), The Incredible Teenage Brain, was published in 2019.


How to Have Incredible Conversations with Your Child


J. Gilmour & B. Hohnen

(2021). London, JKP Publishers.

The book is designed specifically to capitalise on primary school aged children’s stage of development.

The Incredible Teenage Brain - Everything You Need To Know To Unlock Your Teen’s Potential


B. Hohnen, J. Gilmour & T. Murphy

(2019). London, JKP Publishers.

This best-selling book offers adults who are supporting a teenager, practical tools to unlock their potential.


"What a wonderful book, suitable for any (and all!) parents and carers, to help you to build a closer relationship with your child through conversations."

Dr Sue Knowles, Consultant Clinical Psychologist Lead, for Child and Family Services at Changing Minds UK; researcher and author.

 "I strongly recommend that psychologists, therapists, and teachers incorporate the activities in their work with children who have communication difficulties."

Tony Attwood, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Griffith University, and author.

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